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Company Overview:

Incorporated in 2022, Optocred Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing the best quality pharmaceutical products . Since the Covid Pandemic, there has been a dire need for the betterment of health Services which are not only qualititative but are also affordable to everyone. Looking at this, Optocred Pharmaceuticals was formulated to provide high quality medicine of International Standards available to everyone at affordable prices.

With Covid, everything switched to Online and increased usage of electronic devices consequently lead to the increased stress on the eyes. We identified the high risk posed by this on the human eyes and thought of working in the Ophthalmic field initially to make Patient more aware about this and to provide them with best quality medicines if required.

We are a fully integrated, research-oriented pharma company engaged in the marketing of Pharmaceutical products manufactured as per highest regulatory standards, complying with WHO-cGMP guidelines and following the ISO guidelines.

Dedication and Commitment:

We are dedicated to helping people see brilliantly.

We intend to help people by increasing access to quality eye care and strengthening the healthcare industry by continued innovation and research. We have brought in a product line with the innovations thought of for the first time in the Ophthalmic Industry in India.

We are committed to delivering high quality products of International Standard that meet and exceed customer expectations. To meet these expectations, we work with a set of external and internal standards and requirements viz. WHO GMP guidelines, FSSAI guidelines and ISO guidelines.

All the inputs (raw materials, packaging materials, consumables, etc.) has to pass through astringent quality tests, and only high-quality materials are used to produce our formulations.


To improve the quality of life by providing high quality cost-effective healthcare solutions To ensure that quality becomes a habit.


To continue to be quality driven, focused pharmaceutical company through efficiency, innovative thinking & research. To build on the trust generated by the medical fraternity and to always ensure that patients' & end-users' interests are given the utmost priority

मेरा रोज का टाइम 8 से 10 घंटा कंप्यूटर पर ही कटता है। जिससे मेरे आखों में जलन और परेशानी भी परेशानी छेलिनी पड़ती थी। लेकिन ये ड्रॉप जब से यूज कर रहा हु। दर्द और जलन बिलकुल ही ठीक है। और मैने एक आभास किया है। मैं Credolube आई ड्रॉप के सभी कर्मचारी और संस्था को धन्यवाद देना चाहता हु। और मैं आगे ये उम्मीद करता हु की कम्पनी लोगो की आई ज्योति के लिए और अच्छा काम करे । धन्यवाद
Best eyedrops, really feels the effect after regular use.
I bought the eye drop after going through the reviews. Really Effective

Vinay Chaturvedi

Rahul Khanna


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